police officer, waiter, mechanic, teacher, fire fighter, hairdresser

vet, shop assistant, footballer, dancer 

What’s your job?

I’m a (mechanic) 

heavy, light

running, swimming, skating, playing, football, riding a bike, playing basketball 

skiing, playing tennis, horse riding, dancing 

Do you like (running)?

Yes, I do 

in front of, behind

get up, get dressed, have breakfast, have dinner, have a bath, go to bed 

go to school, have a snack, watch TV, play outside 

It’s time to (get up)!  OK! 

daytime, night-time


Dodatkowe elementy językowe:

What’s the (job)?

What do you want to be?

Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Hands, legs

What’s Mummy’s job?

Should (Sofia) stop and wait? or look, listen and go?

Traffic lights

waiting/ stopping/ crossing

Red light!

Green light!

farmer, wife, baby, dog

What can we look for?

What sport are they playing?

Dex is good at (basketball)/

not good at (running).


Who’s in front of you/ behind you?

Number (1) stand in front of number (2).

Keep trying!

Don’t give up!

It’s a race!

Giving up/ not giving up.

What’s the time?

It’s (10 o’clock).

Upstairs, downstairs, window, lock, bed.

What is next?

What a fun day!

daily routine

What are (the children) doing)?

It’s time to (get up)!

Let’s help Dex.

Let’s make sets.

Get undressed.

Brush teeth.

What do we do (first)?

Who’s got the ball?

Again, alive, bite, finger, fish, right, noisy, pajamas,

morning, afternoon.

What’s your favourite activity?