mummy, daddy, brother, sister, grandad, granny 

auntie, uncle, cousin, baby

tidy, messy

sheep, cow, goat, chicken, duck, chick 

lamb, duckling, calf, kid

quiet, noisy

car, bus, train, boat, plane, bike 

rocket, tractor, hot air balloon, lorry

fast, slow


Dodatkowe elementy językowe:

Who is it?

What are they?


Point to (daddy).

It’s messy!

He is being helpful.

Who does he help?

Let’s tidy up (pencils).

How many animals?

Farm animals.


Where is the missing chick?

Choose a colour!

Giving food.

Giving attention.

Give exercise.

He is looking after animals.


At the end of the story.

Red, yellow, green, orange, blue.

Winner, loser, finish line.

Wheels, round, day, long.